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Accessibility to visual impaired persons

jeudi 16 février 2012

First example :

RATP self-service terminal (Paris suburb)

  • Purchase of tickets through contactless cards
  • Payment with credit card or with coins and bills
  • Touch-sensitive screen
  • Accessibility through a specific application software. Speech synthesis, loud-speaker and headphone socket, choice of characters for low vision persons, navigation by touch in all four corners of the screen

Simple to use but fonctions are not all available.

Second example :

Parkeon, a manufacturer of self-service terminals

  • A specially designed adjusting knob that allows for navigating among the menus
  • A single push/press to validate
  • Useable with only one hand
  • Standard application software for all users

Accessibility : Headphone socket and speech synthesis

RATP Internet facilities :

  • Reload of the Navigo pass via Internet
  • USB card reader
  • Accessible Web Site
  • Payment with credit card

What accessibility means ?

It is the possibility to accomplish tasks without assistance It is a chain in which no link is missing (SNCF example)

The missing links :

  • Withdrawing of tickets from self-service terminals
  • Payment of bills by telephone

It is important :

  • To have a global approach to determine the optimal solution for accessibility.
  • To favour simplicity of use and ergonomics. Excellent accessibility is an advantage for everyone.

Furthermore, it is a way to simplify the task for the many people who are resistant to new technologies

Accessibility is no longer a real technical difficulty !

Favoring factors :

Standardised operating systems Numerous standardised user interfaces Almost everything is software

Difficult points :

  • A political determination to take decisions
  • Achievement of a global analysis in order to determine the best solutions
  • Inclusion of accessibility in the terminal specifications and requirements.

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